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The Era Of Sealed Computing Has Arrived

Sealed computing changes the data center game. Sealed computing removes the need to provide maintenance access to physical servers, and allows the white space to be removed from the server room floor. Servers can be tightly packed into smaller locations resulting in significantly higher density designs than are available today. Server rooms can be located almost anywhere where clean power and reliable networking are available. Servers are typically installed in commodity spaces with a low cost per server footprint because a server room no longer needs raised floors and intense air handling.

No A/C Required

Liquid cooled two-phase immersion servers use dry coolers and outside air to keep servers cool. No compressive or evaporative cooling is required, greatly simplifying and improving server operations.

Built To Virtualize

HyperCool servers are optimized as hosts for virtualized computing and the software defined datacenter.

No Server Room Required

Computer installations can take advantage of non-traditional locations for data centers that include standard office space, warehouses, and other locations without the need for raised floor installation.

Cool To Last

Cooler servers last long. Liquid two-phase cooling creates a stable temperature of about 56C for all components including CPU, GPU, and motherboard. This gentle temperature promotes more stable operation and longer server lifetimes.


HyperCool servers are an unbeatable combination of ideas whose time has come. Stand out from the crowd. Dare to lead your organization to the next level of high-tech low impact solutions.

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Server Density

Increase server density 3x to 4x the current “high-density” designs.

More Secure

Increase physical as well as EMI/RFI security.

Save Money

Reduce cooling costs by 25% to 95%.

Reduce of labor costs associated with computer service.

Preserve Nature

Make geothermal cooling of servers practical

Expand Service

Allow for lights-out data centers located outside traditional urban areas

Win Win!

Allow for non-traditional very low cost data center designs

Our Focus

Edge First

HyperCool servers are currently focused on providing modular edge compute solutions. We are beginning to collect vast amounts of information that must be processed close of the point of collection.  Many perspectives exist on the future growth of data requirements. While they differ in their conclusions, all indications are that data processing growth is up and to the right. Our first and best use for HyperCool servers is for sealed high-security computing at the edge of the cloud. Modular components may be combined to create custom micro datacenter solutions. 
Our Experience

Innovation Proud

At HyperCool, we have been working on these solutions for more than ten years. We are proud of the unique and innovative aspects of HyperCool servers. We have six issued US patents and others pending. If you have questions about our technology and how it could be used in your portfolio of products and services, please contact us for more information.

What We Offer

Unbeatable Combination

Liquid Cooling + Sealed Computing + No A/C + Cool to Last = Amazing TCO
HyperCool is challenging the status quo of data centers with clean-sheet server implementation designs that improve most every aspect of data center computing.  HyperCool servers are an unbeatable combination of ideas whose time has come.  Liquid cooling delivers dramatic thermodynamic benefits and ushers in the era of sealed computing units with no user-serviceable parts.  Sealed computing reduces the human intervention costs of servers and makes it possible to put servers other places besides environmentally controlled server rooms.  Two-phase liquid cooling provides compressor-less cooling and even offers cooler server temperatures that can lengthen the life of servers.  Tying all of these benefits together is the rising use of virtualized infrastructures make server failure a non-event.
And regarding efficiency - the PUE of datacenters is currently calculated assuming that all of the power used inside a server case goes to computing.  Wrong.  Air-cooled servers have fans inside the case that don’t add a thing to IT capabilities – except hot air and noise.  With no energy wasting fans inside the server box, HyperCool servers may actually have a true PUE less than 1.0.  Not only is that environmentally friendly – it’s pocketbook friendly!
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